We welcome all who dare to dream of a joyful relationship with your horse and are blessed so share ours with you. Relax, grab a cup of coffee, and check out what we offer here at our historic property, EverDream Stables of Kokomo, Indiana

Large pastures of quality grass for your equine friend. We will pair your horse up with a best friend so there need be no fussing over food, only happy and content living.
We are honored to share our beautiful Indiana estate that was established in 1887, with 21 acres of rolling hills, trails, and even a beautiful creek that winds it's way through.
Several times a year we load up our four horse Featherlite and head for miles of Indiana trails (sometimes even out of state). Come join us!
Quality lessons.
Yep, riding in winter is often THE BEST!
Good fun, all year around!